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  • January 27, 2022

Union Says Amazon Violated Labor Law in the Alabama Election

The union claims Amazon also retaliated against individual union supporters. According to the objections, the company disciplined one outspoken union supporter for challenging anti-union rhetoric. The filing says Amazon illegally interrogated another worker who passed out union authorization cards in nonwork areas. Then the company fired him. In addition to the alleged threats, the union…

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AI Helps Prove Two Scribes Wrote Text of a Dead Sea Scroll

Most of the scribes who copied the text contained in the Dead Sea Scrolls were anonymous, as they neglected to sign their work. That has made it challenging for scholars to determine whether a given manuscript should be attributed to a single scribe or more than one, based on unique elements in their writing styles…

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A Wildlife Photographer Critiqued Our ‘New Pokémon Snap’ Photos

WIRED: Do you think, right now, during the pandemic, when not everyone has access to nature, and they can’t necessarily travel to it, an experience like this is valuable? Groo: I think there’s no substitute for the real thing. The benefits that nature gives us, even if you’re just walking in an urban park, far…

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KEF LS50 Wireless II Review: Made for the Streaming Era

Audiophiles are a prickly bunch, especially when it comes to wireless speakers. In order to save time, space, or money, audio companies will often take the design of a larger, more expensive device and dumb it down slightly to make a product that’s more accessible, and probably better for most of us. Of course, audio…

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How a Geeky Superhero Fan Revived a Failing Comic Con 

Over the course of the next decade, Graeb and the team at Wizard introduced countless innovations to revitalize this dying Comic Con, focusing on ways to include the wide varieties of fan communities and their interests. Thanks to the magazine, the team at Wizard had relationships with toy makers, video game producers, film studios, and…

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4 Best Multi-Tools for Any Task (2021)

The Swiss Army knife has lodged itself so firmly into Americana that it has become a metaphor for versatility. You’ve said it at one time or another: “the Swiss Army knife of blank,” whatever blank is, meaning it’s capable of handling a variety of situations. On its own, no tool in this little gadget is…

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Android’s Getting Brighter and Bubblier, and We Can’t Wait

LG: You’d be so good at it. You’d be a great … You could do a podcast about music history podcasts. MC: Now we’re talking. Now we’re talking. Lauren, please tell us what music history podcasts do you recommend? LG: As much as I made fun of Gilad earlier, my recommendation this week is actually…

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SimpliSafe Security System Review: Simple and Safe

We live in an age where anyone can upgrade a home with smart displays, connected lights, and robot vacuums without contracts or installation experts. So why shouldn’t we able to set up security systems to safeguard them by ourselves too? That’s SimpliSafe’s big promise: to make us all DIY experts at securing our homes.  I’ve…

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Ransomware Hits Food Supply Giant JBS—and Underscores a Dire Threat

The disruptive power of ransomware was already on full display last month, thanks to the Colonial Pipeline attack that for days halted fuel distribution from a crucial pipeline on the East Coast of the United States. Now, a different attack over the weekend is threatening the food supply chain—and underscoring, once again, that ransomware is…

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4 Tips to Send (and Receive) Better Texts

Texting is common, easy, and ubiquitous. After all, it’s an easy (and, depending on your wireless plan, probably free) way to keep up with friends and family. According to research by the Pew Research Center on Technology and Internet, “text messaging is the most common non-voice application Americans use on their mobile phones. Some 73…

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